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Paper Mirror
(2020, ball point pen on paper)

"Post 2020 pandemic lockdown, we see New York City storefronts in various stages of development, from fully open, to provisionally boarded up with wood and cardboard, to empty and labelled with "For Rent" signs. We also see street art both sanctioned and unsanctioned, signals of the city’s eternal creative life. For 601’s storefront, we present a new way of marking place using the architecture itself.

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Influencing Others
(2017, installation)

In this video installation, a real estate broker sings a song about marketing techniques in front of a distorted conference table.

Installation View

For Installation View, the McCoys bend their artistic practice of revealing how meaning is made, to focus on how meaning is displayed. Their curatorial effort here aims to discover the private lives of art works.

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constant world.jpg

The Constant World

The Constant World, with its incorporation of thirty-six live video cameras, presents a utopian world that acts as its own advertisement. This installation is a large interconnected series of ceiling mounted metal spheres, models, and lights. It portrays a film noir melodrama set in an urban environment that is intercut with text elements.

How We Met

This sculpture presents the artists, rendered in a series of miniatures, as they meet, reaching for the same suitcase in an airport baggage claim area. Live video cameras feed back still images, which are edited into a looped video sequence and displayed on a wall-mounted flat screen monitor. The work is inspired by the narrative conceit of the 1972 Barbara Streisand movie, Whats Up Doc?

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A public art exhibition at City Point, Brooklyn, NY for Spring Break Immersive.

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