Wave & Particle

Feb. 14, 2015 - March 21, 2015

Ronald Feldman Gallery

The artworks in this group exhibition represent the notion of synthesis, coalescence, hybridity, and inclusion of disparate components that display an apparent resolution of contradictory elements. This artistic fusion is often the result of a process of discovery into how a particular situation or condition might be improved or rectified. In other words, these are works by artists seeking to shine a light on an issue, searching for clues to solve or at least draw attention to one.

Works Shown

Silicon Flats

2014, HD video

Overlapping images of Silicon Valley's natural environment, its industry, and the architecture of its suburban technology headquarter buildings. 9:50


2014, sculpture

Wall mounted shadow box depicting a fantasy landscape incorporating aspects of the San Francisco Bay area, Lord of the Rings, and the Twitter headquarters circa 2014. Contains an oil on canvas background, color photography, video screen, and electronics.