Ensign Sgr A*

March 6, 2015 - April 10, 2015

Radiator Gallery

Radiator Arts and Over The Opening (OTO) are pleased to present Ensign Sgr A* featuring artists using negation and absence as ensigns or banners for states of exploration and loss. The exhibition operates as part wunderkammer and part memory hole with past prime astronomy, geography, technology, and superstition as the backdrop. Battles will be fought and journeys begun but broken and disappeared, in the long view of time, approach. Amelia Bauer, Joianne Bittle, Aviram Cohen, G.H. Hovagimyan, Nicholas Knight, Esperanza Mayobre, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, MTAA, Shannon Sberna, Raphaele Shirely, Janice Sloane, Colleen Rae Smiley, with exhibition graphic by Charles Orr and OTO.

Works Shown

Airworld Probe

2000, From the Airworld series

In the short video Airworld Probe, a protagonist dressed in a hazardous materials suit explores abandoned corporate space, here envisioned as an airless foreign terrain. Shot in the offices of the World Trade Center’s 91st floor with a moving camera, Airworld Probe creates a science fiction location out of office space.


2014, sculpture

Wall mounted shadow box depicting a fantasy landscape incorporating aspects of the San Francisco Bay area, the Dominion board game, and the Oracle headquarters circa 2014. Contains an oil on canvas background, color photography, video screen, and electronics.