Objects of Wonder

Oct. 3, 2015 - Jan. 23, 2016

Beall Center for Art and Technology

Objects of Wonder, curated by David Familian and guest­curator Madeline Schwartzman, brings together a wide range of international artists whose work exhibits strange and unusual functions, engaging in conceptual phenomena like time, light, energy, evolution and changes of state. Artists deploy thermo dynamic explosions, asteroidal activity, fluid turbulence, insect behavior, natural selection and gravity to generate astonishing sculptures, drawings, paintings, videos, sound art, and installations that reveal the wonder of everyday phenomena. In juxtaposing a diverse group of artists who attempt to chip away at the mysterious stuff of everyday life, we are left with Objects of Wonder.

Works Shown


2014, sculpture

Wall mounted shadow box depicting a fantasy landscape incorporating aspects of the San Francisco Bay area, Lord of the Rings, and the Twitter headquarters circa 2014. Contains an oil on canvas background, color photography, video screen, and electronics.