The Dissolve, Eight Annual Site Santa Fe Biennial

March 1, 2010 - Sept. 12, 2010

Site Santa Fe

A paradigm shift in contemporary art is rare and hard to recognize at its inception, but that is what curators Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco have done in The Dissolve, SITE Santa Fe’s Eighth International Biennial. The curators will present a new sensibility in the art of our time, a mingling of up-to-the-minute technology and traditional visual arts (painting, drawing, and sculpture) with dance, music, and film. The fundamental form of this new work is animation, uniting the technological (the camera) with the hand-made (drawing). The Dissolve will trace the development and reinterpretation of moving image techniques in wonderfully surprising juxtapositions.

Works Shown

Traffic #1: Our Second Date

2004, Installation with video projection

This tabletop miniature kinetic sculpture collapses two linked narratives. In Our Second Date, one narrative is a small-scale recreation of a scene from the film Week End by Jean Luc Godard, with its majestic travelling shot reduced here to an infinitely spinning disc. The other is a tableau portraying the artists themselves in the act of watching the film on a Parisian small- screen cineama: a live video feed of the cinematic recreation on the table next to them appears on their screen. In the gallery space, a projected video sequence cuts between images of the artists in their miniature seats and images of the film scene they are watching.