New York, Interrupted

Nov. 18, 2006 - Feb. 20, 2006

pkm Gallery

The exhibition, New York, Interrupted, which inaugurates the new Beijing space for pkm gallery, brings together the work of seventeen New York-based artists, all of whom are showing in Beijing for the first time. Organized by Dan Cameron, Senior Curator at Large for the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, and Curator of the 2006 Taipei Biennial, New York, Interrupted explores recent changes in the temperament of New York art. In contrast with the sweeping scale and bold intensity of the American aesthetic of the late 1990s, the works in New York, Interrupted are characterized by doubt, skepticism, and more than a touch of uncertainty regarding the future.

Works Shown

Dream Sequence

2006, Sculptural kinetic video installation with 2 channel projection

A large two-sided wheel, set at a forty-five degree angle, rotates slowly on its axis. The wheel is covered with miniature elements depicting dream-like imagery. Next to the rotating wheel, two miniature figurines representing the artists are lying asleep in twin beds. In front of each bed is a half-silvered mirror, partially reflecting the slowly moving dream images, and partially transmitting an image of the artists. A video camera is trained on each character, showing a composite of the sleeping figure and a translucent reflection of their dream imagery. Live video feeds from each camera are presented as a two-channel projection.