A Kiss isn't just a Kiss

Sept. 2, 2005 - Oct. 28, 2005

UConn Contemporary Art Galleries

Group Exhibition (curated by Barry Rosenberg), The exhibition "When a Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss,'' gathers the work of 18 artists, among them, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol and such current names as Janine Antoni, Mark Chamberlain, Patty Chang, Lyle Ashton Harris, Nikki S. Lee, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Vik Muniz and Bruce Pearson. The show demonstrates the many ways the subject can be handled. Film, print -- even chocolate and mascara -- are among the media. The art touches on gender, AIDS, appropriation and President Bush. The purely romantic, traditional kiss also has a turn, although from an unlikely source.

Works Shown

The Kiss

2002, installation with custom software

In this installation, a red suitcase contains hardware and software that algorithmically reenact a scene from Lawrence Kasdan's 1981 film Body Heat. The McCoys film actors playing the parts of William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in a pivotal erotic moment of the film. The scene is then broken into short clips and digitized so that the actors images become manipulable as individual frames. Custom computer software selects these clips according to ever-changing patterns, creating a continuous live remix, projected at cinematic scale.