June 25, 2005 - July 29, 2005

Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

“Land-E-scape” is an exhibtion primarily of the gallery artists; all selected projects explore the idea of contemporary landscape in often unorthodox ways. Among the works in the show are: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s miniature movie set with nocturnal seashore film sequence complete with industrial sabotage and explosions, Steve Mumford’s painting of a sinking Land Rover, Spencer Finch’s atmospheric studies recreating the color of the sky, Guy Ben-Ner’s video of the ostrich family adventures in the forest, and John Klima’s medieval monks fighting the forces of good and evil in the garden.

Works Shown

Soft Rains #1: Beach Adventure

2003, Installation with video projection

Soft Rains consists of multiple platforms. Each platform represents a familiar cinematic archetype or genre rendered in miniature (60s Arthouse, 70s horror etc). The miniature ‘heroine’ of the work, clad in a distinctive red dress, is pictured in each of the sets. The live feed from each video camera is connected to a computer-based video sequencer, which switches from one camera to another to create an edited sequence appearing as a large scale projection. The beach adventure platform is insprired by the Sean Connery James Bond films.