Soft Rains #3: Dinner Party

2003, Installation with video projection

Soft Rains consists of multiple platforms. Each platform represents a familiar cinematic archetype or genre rendered in miniature (60s Arthouse, 70s horror etc). The miniature ‘heroine’ of the work, clad in a distinctive red dress, is pictured in each of the sets. The live feed from each video camera is connected to a computer-based video sequencer, which switches from one camera to another to create an edited sequence appearing as a large scale projection. The dinner party platform is inspried by Bunuel's film Discreet Charm of the Bourgeosie.

Exhibition History

TINY, FUNNY, BIG, AND SAD, 2007, British Film Institute

SOFT RAINS, 2004, Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY

LEARNING TO WATCH, 2004, Sala Rekalde

ROBOT FILMS, 2003, FACT Centre

SOFT RAINS, 2005, The Joseloff Gallery

SOFT RAINS, 2003, FACT Centre