Generative Software 2024

"Brancher" employs a constantly forking growth algorithm to make and unmake an organic image. Automating the thousands of decisions artists make as one draws, the code composes an image, then goes past a pleasing complexity into chaos. Then stripping lines away, it begins again. "Brancher" is part of Sotheby's “Natively Digital” series and is inscribed as an Ordinal on the …

image:Land Sea and Sky


NFT 2023

Land Sea and Sky combines untouched, idealized landscapes from classic photography with generative, composite landscapes produced by StableDiffusion to create a series of enigmatic collages that live in the uncanny valley of distant memory. Expanding upon their previous work with landscapes and the built environment, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy have devised a series of enigmatic collages embedded in the vernacular …

image:Machine Organic


charcoal and acrylic on paper 2023

In these works, the McCoys take data from cameras and sensors and process it with computer vision and signal processing algorithms, using mechanical drawing and painting machines to make hands-free, eyes-free pictures. A machine organic.

image:Phase Diagrams


Video 2023

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy explore the geologic compositions of constructed digital landscapes. In geology, the term phase diagram describes graphical representations of the physical states of a substance under conditions of temperature and pressure. In this series of works, the artists use StableDiffusion, a deep learning, text-to-image AI used to generate detailed images from text descriptions. They begin with creating …

image:Public View / Private View


NFT and drawings 2023

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s “Public View / Private View” opens up the artistic process of creation to a group of donors and art supporters connected to them and makes participants in the “art ecosystem” a formal part of the art. Based on the 2018 work, "Public Key / Private Key," the artists created a series of drawings based on jpgs …



video 2023

Quitter (in progress) is an experimental video that depicts the stakes of breaking with the patterns of modern life- what does life look like without lifestyle? What is the difference between an activist and a hermit? "Quitter,"the final work in the WORKSTATIONS trilogy, moves the McCoys' architectural investigations into the landscape in order to examine the encroachment of spiritual desire. …

image:The Inside World


NFT 2022

Las Vegas is now operated by Artificial Intelligence. Fourteen AI “Managers” handle every sector of the city. But there’s a problem: One of them is secretly human… THE INSIDE WORLD is a sci-fi mystery-thriller game set in the networks and streets of Las Vegas. Artists Jennifer and Kevin McCoy with collaborators Peter Rostovsky and Annie Howell investigate a future where …



Acrylic paint and charcoal on paper 2021

This set of drawings was made tracing an image route from the Lincoln Tunnel to Lincoln, NE.

image:Quantum Leap


code generated animation, NFT 2021

This generative NFT evolves from a three-sided shape to up to twenty sides over a three year period. Over its lifetime, it can generate descendants and leaves greyscale versions of of previous states behind to create new NFTs. Series of 8 tokens. Creative coding support by David Stein.

image:Paper Mirror


ball point pen on paper 2020

"Post 2020 pandemic lockdown, we see New York City storefronts in various stages of development, from fully open, to provisionally boarded up with wood and cardboard, to empty and labelled with "For Rent" signs. We also see street art both sanctioned and unsanctioned, signals of the city’s eternal creative life. For 601’s storefront, we present a new way of marking …



video 2019

Postmasters Gallery, New York, December 7, 2019 A film work of cinematic scale, Cleaner traces the creative awakening of a maintenance worker. Her movements are framed within the routines of manual labor yet set against the work environment of the tech economy. The film, shot on location at the headquarters of Kickstarter, juxtaposes the physicality of traditional labor with the …

image:Public Key / Private Key


NFT and Film 2019

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy's Public Key / Private Key explores museums' ownership of art and the role of donors in building museum collections. For this project, the artists donated an original artwork, a 16mm film, to the Whitney Museum's Special Collection on behalf of members of the public. Visitors to the project page could register their names and explain why …