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This code driven work presents an ongoing, abstract, cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

May 2, 2014


Quantum is ow featured in the Taschen book "On NFTs" in an essay by Michael Conner. All McCoy blockchain projects are featured here.

It tells this story through color, line and movement. In 2014, I had an idea to use blockchain technology to create indelible provenance and ownership of digital images of this kind. Quantum was the first ever to be recorded in this way.- Kevin McCoy, 2021

“How to picture the moment of creation. A spark, a seed, a particle. We have narratives that describe it as an interval of days or as a cryptic alphabet that divides the earth from the firma- ment. [Kevin McCoy’s]Quantum takes its place alongside other original icons replacing their aura and gilding with a pulsating luminous heartbeat. To call this a mandala would not be an understatment, since what is a mandala if not an allegory for a universe, its revolutions, breath and winking into being out of nothingness?”
- David Geers, art critic, 2021.

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