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Shot on the seventy-seventh floor apartment of one of New York City’s many Trump Towers, BROKER is a meticulous portrayal of a high end real estate broker, seen here as the physical embodiment of the constantly accelerating pitch of luxury merchandising.

single channel video


The film uses the architecture of the apartment to create an echo chamber of life style messages - messages which present an increasingly homogeneous (yet bespoke) utopian world for those with the means to buy it.  With songs by Lori Scacco, this "filmed musical" magnifies the logic of marketing, the surfaces of luxury, and the sound of electronic speech, creating a sound and image world just on the edge of plausible.
Broker- Gillian Chadsey
Music and sound- Lori Scacco
Editor- Caren McCaleb
Camera- Eric Lin
Assistant camera-Marcos Herrera
Gaffer-Jason Beasley
Sound recording- Paddy Hanlon
Art Direction- Quinlan Maggio
Color- Stewart Griffin
Paintings-Geoffrey Chadsey and Angela Dufresne
Surveillance camera-Charles Caster-Dudzick
Choreography consultant- Andre Zachary
Casting-Madeline Barasch
Drivers-Michael Gillespie and Emily Roz
Research- Rebecca Roff and Jessica Hargreaves

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