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Vice Presidential Downtime Requirements

In Vice Presidential Downtime Requirements , (2008) the McCoys assemble a suite of furniture taken from the travel requests of Vice President Dick Cheney.



The piece is part of a series of works by the McCoys based on "band rider" agreements, contracts stipulating the hospitality needs of touring artists, speakers and musicians. These rider agreements are often leaked online through websites like the infamous Using rider agreements stolen from bands like Guns N' Roses, the McCoys assemble the required foodstuffs and niceties as ready-made collections for gallery display: pizza, beer, CDs, fruit, flowers. Dick Cheney's rider agreement—used when he delivers lectures and makes public appearances—forms the basis of this work. In comparison to Guns N' Roses, his requests are spartan. Decaf coffee, diet caffeine-free Sprite, a queen-sized bed, and a television tuned to Fox News form the extent of his personal needs. These items are assembled in the gallery, along with a copy of the stolen rider agreement.

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