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Whirligig and Curlycue

Custom software developed for audio visual performances.



Whirligig is software designed for use in a performance or improvisational setting. Images are collected by digitizing them from live video and pre-recorded material. Then the user can play improvised image sequences like an instrument, layering them together, fluttering them back and forth, or using the scratch tool to change sequence direction on the fly. Kevin and Jennifer McCoy have used the software as a collaborative tool for working with musicians, composers, and DJs such as Pauline Oliveros, SoundLab, HotMouth, Andrew Deutsch, Pere Bode, and Damian Catera. Curlycue gathers and layers recorded and live audio samples, generating random loops that the user can then activate and dynamically manipulate in real-time. The cued items are sequenced, drawn out, split, or otherwise mixed and are played as accompaniments to video or used as a live re-mixing tool during performances. This software has provided the basis for collaborative live performances by Kevin and Jennifer McCoy and installation projects such as Horror Chase (2002).

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