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"Brancher" a generative software project, employs a constantly forking growth algorithm to make and unmake an organic image. Automating the thousands of decisions artists make as one draws, the code composes an image, then goes past a pleasing complexity into chaos. Then stripping lines away, it begins again. "Brancher" is part of Sotheby's “Natively Digital” series and is inscribed as an Ordinal on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Lens Organic

A forest warped into a sphere hovers and twitches against a changing background of filmed passages. Collapsing the form of the eye and what the eye sees, this series of four black and white videos, LENS ORGANIC by Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, brings together the familiarity of nature with the peripatetic shifting of the camera’s view as it moves through the landscape.

Lens Organic (Compressed).gif


This code driven work presents an ongoing, abstract, cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. It tells this story through color, line and movement. In 2014, I had an idea to use blockchain technology to create indelible provenance and ownership of digital images of this kind. Quantum was the first ever to be recorded in this way.- Kevin McCoy, 2021

Quantum Leap

This generative NFT evolves from a three-sided shape to up to twenty sides over a three year period. Over its lifetime, it can generate descendants and leaves greyscale versions of of previous states behind to create new NFTs. Series of 8 tokens. Creative coding support by David Stein.

Land Sea and Sky

Land Sea and Sky, on the Artwrld platform, combines untouched, idealized landscapes from classic photography with generative, composite landscapes produced by StableDiffusion to create a series of enigmatic collages that live in the uncanny valley of distant memory. 

Public Key Private Key

Jennifer and Kevin McCoy's Public Key / Private Key explores museums' ownership of art and the role of donors in building museum collections. For this project, the artists donated an original artwork, a 16mm film, to the Whitney Museum's Special Collection on behalf of members of the public. Visitors to the project page could register their names and explain why they would be interested in becoming a donor.


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