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early work

(collaboration with Torsten Zenas Burns,1997)

Made in collaboration with Torsten Burns, this net art project presents the fictional scenario of a gardening space ship, the Green Field. The site includes a catalogue of fictional gardening tools, biographies of the ship’s three crew members (the artists’ alter egos), a virtual tour of the ship, a ship’s log, and a space where users can send directives to the ship’s crew from mission control.

Maintenance Web.jpg

Pink Light

Pink Light consists of a miniature lift similar to one that might be found in a multi-storey office building. When at rest, the elevator is hidden from view beneath a false floor. When the viewer presses a call button, the lift rises to its full height of 24 inches. As it rises, its doors open, and pink light spills out as a voice recites slogans that blend metaphysics and technology.


The Airworld series was initiated at the “World Views” residency programme in World Trade Center’s 91st floor in 1999. Airworld developed into a series of intervention into global capitalism that ran between 1999-2000. These included distributed banner ads, a pirate radio station, an installation, several net art projects, and a video.

radio frankenstein.jpg

Radio Frankenstein (installation version)

This piece takes as its source material a computer database of all the text from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Custom software creates a collage of the book, re-combining and re-assembling text fragments into ever-changing patterns. The resulting collage is read aloud by a synthetic voice, broadcast over a large indoor area via a pirate radio transmitter.

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