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At The Old Headquarters

In At the Old Headquarters, a cast plaster miniature of an office building sinks into roofing tar. Markings on the building are reminiscent of pixacao, Brazlian graffitti often found on multi story squat buildings. A roof mounted monitor shows a distorted and duplicated looping image of a parking lot.

at the old headquarters.jpg
priest of the temple.jpg

Priest of the Temple

In Priest of the Temple, an office building juts out of a Mt. Rushmore-style mountain. The embedded video is based on the actions of a Silicon Valley hotel spa. Behind the building, a portrait of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore looms like a Pyongyang mural.

Traffic #1: Our Second Date

This tabletop miniature kinetic sculpture collapses two linked narratives. In Our Second Date, one narrative is a small-scale recreation of a scene from the film Week End by Jean Luc Godard, with its majestic travelling shot reduced here to an infinitely spinning disc.

our second date.jpg
our first date.jpg

Our First Date

Wall mounted sculpture with four platforms. Our First Date draws on biographical material, rendering the artists in miniature as they visit a Conceptual Art exhibition in Paris in 1990. The tableau includes representations of works by artists On Kawara, Joseph Kosuth, Art and Language, Hans Haacke and others.

Special Things

Special Things presents images of a utopian childhood complete with cavorting lambs and chiffon rainbows. These are rendered in fragments across sixteen small hanging sculptures. Each consists of a miniature scene, a small video camera, and a mirrored word emblazoned across the front of the sculpture. On a nearby screen, images of the sixteen scenes and their related captions are rapidly inter-cut by video sequencing software in an ever-changing pattern created by a computer algorithm.

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